The world belongs to those who show courage

We believe in this adage. It is courage that unites us. The courage to make decisions, to adjust course, to explore new horizons. We are selective about what we focus on and dedicate our attention to topics that complement our own successful practices, to accomplish an operational outcome that is measurable for our clients.

WILDEN Advisory partners are based in Germany, Denmark, and UK. With a combined 25+ years of experience acquired through working for global IT enterprises, our portfolio is composed of some of the largest and most complex IT transformation, outsourcing and M&A projects in Europe. From business development to contract negotiation and signing to operational delivery including the setting up of onshore, nearshore and offshore units.

We offer access to our experience and our international network. Staying on course to ensure the right decisions in the thicket of daily operations, we fine-tune the nodes that decide on success or failure. Our approach centres on viable solutions rather than abstract models.